what is pantone and why should you care?

It is December!! Which makes my heart happy, because any day now we will find out the Pantone Color of the Year!!

Anyone else??!!

If you are planning a wedding this year and want to get ahead of the curve, Pantone is the place to go to get inspiration for your vision. Pantone selects colors based on trend-forecasting and provides direction to the global design community…without a doubt, their predictions shape what draws us in the coming years.

Anyone coming down off of the Marsala craze that took over Pinterest accounts and swept the wedding industry?

Lauren Medley Floral. Photo by Shana Lynne Photography.

It was the Pantone Color of the Year 2015.

The popularity of greenery taking the spotlight in bouquets and arrangements?

Lauren Medley Floral. Photo by Shana Lynne Photography.

Greenery was literally the name of the Pantone Color of the Year 2017.

One of my last weddings of the season combined 2015’s Marsala with 2016’s Greenery AND incorporated the Classic Palette anchor of the season, Navy Blue. Whew!!

Haseltine Estate and The Nest. Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography.

Regrettably, I cannot say the same for 2016 when Pantone chose an unprecedented two shades…which thankfully, did not pick up steam in the wedding industry. I am sure the baby blue and powder pink worked marvelously at baby showers, but that is not exactly my specialty 😉

While I wait…patiently…to discover what is next in the world of wedding color palettes, I spend my moments dreaming up ideas with the Spring Color Palette, which you can find here.

I have a May 2018 wedding that features the Classic Palette with navy Sailor Blue and muted tones of Harbor Mist, Warm Sand, and Coconut Milk, shaking it up with the Spring Trends Almost Mauve and Ash Rose. I can’t wait!!

What are your favorites?

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