vendor tour: adoration marriage ceremonies

With 2017 weddings becoming a beautiful memory and 2018 weddings bubbling to the surface, I thought I would get nostalgic on this year’s vendor tour, featuring some of my favorite people and places to partner with to make wedding magic in Springfield, Missouri. Enjoy!

A good officiant is hard to find. A great officiant is nearly impossible.

Until this year, that is!! I found Matthew through a good, old-fashioned Google search and was BLOWN AWAY by what a fantastic job he did. Professional, with a great personality, he is–hands-down and without apology–my #1 recommendation for a wedding officiant in Springfield.

what to love…

Matthew is a great listener during consultations and is very thorough in planning the order of service. He is eloquent while keeping the focus on the bride and groom during the ceremony, and can shape his words depending on the vision of the couple.

don’t forget…

Officiants can help walk you through the requirements for obtaining a marriage license and can help you decide what kind of elements you would like to include in your ceremony. You should plan to meet with your officiant or talk with them on the phone to make sure they have good communication skills.




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