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Hello! Tell us a little about yourself.

Trenton works for Dewitt and Associates out of Springfield and is in school full time at MSU. He will graduate in May of this year with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. I work at McGill’s Gas and Grocery and substitute at Dadeville R-2. I am also in school full time at Drury University. I will graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Hobbies include; woodworking, crafting, hunting, kayaking, gardening, and playing with our new puppy. We went to elementary and high school together and got married on July 19, 2014. Our hobbies include woodworking, crafting, hunting, kayaking, gardening, and playing with our new puppy.


How did he propose?

Trenton asked my dad for his blessing about a month before he proposed. I had no idea it was coming! I told Trenton that I really wanted a new pair of boots for Christmas. During my family Christmas party we all began unwrapping gifts. When it was my turn to unwrap my gift I quickly torn into a boot box- I was pretty excited! To my surprise, I opened the box and  found a small brick to act as a weight  and a handmade red and green card that said, “Coupon good for one free husband.” After staring at the card for what felt like an eternity, I looked up. All I saw was Trenton on the ground, proposing. My family cheered. I was overwhelmed with tears of joy.

Photo by Tara Hailey Photography

How long did you plan the wedding?

About 6½ months. I don’t regret it being a short engagement. My husband and I had dated quite awhile before we were married. I also think we spent less money in those six months because we got all the things needed for the wedding and didn’t keep buying and buying more things we didn’t need. It also helped that I had a lot of ideas in my head and on my Pinterest 😉 that showed pretty much exactly how I wanted the wedding and reception to look.

Photo by Tara Hailey Photography

What creative ways did you incorporate parts of your personalities into the big day?

I absolutely love vintage, old, antiques, rustic, and country décor. So why not incorporate that into our wedding? After all, we got married in a barn 😉 I also love bright fun colors so I incorporated that into the wedding, too. I wanted my wedding to be very special and personal just as any woman does. I used my grandmother’s doilies, my mom and I handmade all of the banners used at my wedding, and we used a variety of old china dishes along with mason jars for drinking glasses. I also love old-fashioned candy, so for wedding favors we used brown paper bags and a candy bar for everyone to take home a sweet treat.

Photo by Tara Hailey Photography
Photo by Tara Hailey Photography

 How did you spend money wisely?

My parents wanted to make sure I had the wedding of my dreams. However, with that came a budget (which is a good thing.) It also helped that I knew what I wanted. I wanted to make a lot of the items being used: the chalk signs everywhere, the wedding fans, the memorial of family that have passed away, etc.  I also used some of the older antique stuff I or my family had. The two biggest expenses were the venue and my dress. I saved a lot of money by also picking a whole bunch of wild flowers that were used in the aisle and around each table at the wedding reception. We also saved by buying brightly colored candy after Easter. We bought the babies-breath and food at Sam’s to cut back on food expenses.

Photo by Tara Hailey Photography
Photo by Tara Hailey Photography

What was your favorite thing about the wedding?

My favorite thing about the wedding was how unique and different it really was. I’ve had so many people say they love, love, loved the uniqueness of my wedding and all of the small details that I included in my big day. It was so wonderful to hear people comment on how beautiful it was; even people I didn’t personally know!

Photo by Tara Hailey Photography
Photo by Tara Hailey Photography

What has been your favorite thing about being married?

My favorite things about being married are: doing real everyday life with my husband- like cooking, cleaning, laundry, fixing lunches…building a home with my husband. Encouraging him through the good and bad times. Faithfully praying for my husband. Getting to serve my husband everyday. His unconditional love for me. He continually keeps me laughing. His constant drive to make sure we are financially sound.

And best, gaining a whole new family that I love and who loves me.

Photo by Tara Hailey Photography
Photo by Tara Hailey Photography

 Featured Vendors

Photographer: Tara Hailey Photography

Caterer: Susan Sales

Venue: The Barn at Stone Valley Plantation 

Cake: Back Porch Bakery 

Florist: Orchard Hills Floral & Gifts

Wedding Dress: Ella Weiss

Hair and Beauty: Erin Sayers (Hair) and Emily Bailey (Beauty) at The Chandelier Salon

Nail Salon: Susan Freeze at All About U

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