meghaan’s specialty cakes

Three 2-layer cakes. 21 specialty cupcakes. And countless daydreams, comments, and musings about cakes since the team at The Bridal Experience met Meghaan Russell with Meghaan’s Specialty Cakes. Chocolate mousse, vanilla buttercream, whatever-heavenly-lemony-goodness fills the center of that lemon cupcake (!!!!!)

It’s all a little toooo good, if you know what I mean. ūüėČ

Photo by Shana Lynne Photography.
Photo by Shana Lynne Photography.

Hi, Meghaan! Tell us a little about yourself.

I got started exploring the cake world around 2004-2005 when my boss, Cindy Hood at the Tea Garden saw a talent in me that I didn’t see at the time. I loved cooking and the presentation of it all and I just fell in love with creating something beautiful, edible, and enjoyable. Now as a stay at home mom of two I decided to offer my work to the public.

Rustic Cake
What are some of your favorite cakes?

My absolute favorite wedding cakes are the ones I have done for my best friends. It gives my such joy and confidence when my friends ask me to help make a part of their most important day special. I love my followers, my loyal, unbelievably kind friends and people I have met along the way. My favorite moment of any wedding I have had the privilege of being part of is the moment I put the finishing touches on the wedding cake… stepping back and looking at my work and knowing my bride loves the wedding cake she choose. It’s the best feeling seeing a smile on everyone face when they see the final product.

White Glitz Wedding Cake

What services do you offer?
I specialize in cakes and cupcakes but offer many other options such as pies, cookies, etc.

Wedding Shower Cupcakes
You can find Meghaan at The Bridal Experience this weekend, or connect with her any time on Facebook!

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creator delights

We’ll keep this sweet treats train rolling today with Creator Delights, a brilliant display of ingenuity from local screen printing company, Creator Designs.

Creator Delights opened in 2015 to serve the Bolivar community sweet (and caffeinated!!) drinks and a plethora of candy-coated goodness. Their creatively styled shop at 1303 East Broadway is nothing short of Pinterest-worthy…super cute and comfy tees and apparel with exclusive designs are available here also.

So why in the world are they on the Bliss Vendor Tour?? Because they are the masters behind the bright and beautiful CANDY BUFFET for our Fresh Whimsy styled shoot at The Bridal Experience coming up on Saturday, September 17th. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to make it to the show, but Bliss Events is making sure you get a sweet surprise in your VIP Swag Bag.

For more info on how you can set up a candy buffet on your big day, contact Creator Delights on Facebook.

Visit us at The Bridal Experience to get more ideas like this!! to buy tickets!

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sheri’s shaved ice

In honor of The Bridal Experience coming up on September 17th, we’re kicking off our autumn round of vendor tours with one just a little more unorthodox from the north end of the area. Sheri’s Shaved Ice is an A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E little yellow food truck in Bolivar, Missouri (now in Springfield, too!) offering the coolest refreshments to guests on a hot summer day.

Photo by Shana Lynne Photography
Photo by Shana Lynne Photography

Wedding day sweets and treats run the gamut from the trending donut bars, super-sweet cotton candy treats, to mini-pies and pastries. Why not add a bright shaved ice truck to the mix?!? Kim Beckler Payne, operator of the Bolivar location, participated in the styled shoots we recently coordinated for the interactive bridal show. Friends queue up to get their giant cup of candy-colored and delicious ice crystals- especially Cherry, Grape, Tiger Blood (!!!) and Cotton Candy. How fun is that jewel-colored treat next to a Big Day dress?!?

Photo by Shana Lynne Photography
Photo by Shana Lynne Photography

Hi, Kim! Tell us a little about Sheri’s Shaved Ice.
Sheri Patterson opened Sheri’s Shaved Ice in 2003 and still operates the trailer in Springfield. My kids started running the Bolivar location in 2013.The youngest of the three, Mia, is the primary operator now‚Ķ.all three continuing a wonderful tradition that Sheri started 13 years ago!!

What types of services do you offer?
We are a seasonal mobile stand that offers a refreshing treat of shaved ice in hundreds of combinations of flavors. We also have a portable stand that we can take onsite to locations!

What are some of your favorite things about the services you offer?
We love our customers! Everyone is so excited when we open and just love all the flavors and combos of flavors. We have had many of our dedicated customers name their combinations, it’s just fun.

Who are some of your favorite vendors to work alongside?
We have especially enjoyed Curly-Que BBQ, Boones BBQ, and definitely Nacho Ordinary Taco. They are all great people!

Normal business season is Memorial day to Labor Day. For more info about Sheri’s Shaved Ice, contact Kim on Facebook.

To see this wedding in action, be sure to get your tickets for The Bridal Experience on September 17, 2016! 100% of ticket proceeds go directly to Project Harbor, a local nonprofit that benefits under-resourced women and children in the area.

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Almost every bride I’ve spoken with has mentioned Amycakes in their quest to score the perfect wedding cake. I’ve heard ‘Amycakes’ so many times I thought I better get myself down to their bakery on Walnut to introduce myself and try some goodies.
First thoughts: “What a great location! Historic District on Walnut Street. I’m a little jealous.”
Second thoughts: “Oh, how adorable! Look at this bistro table in this corner, and the scrumptious display in that corner.”
Third thought: “I should definitely order something.”
After which I proceeded to order the Elvis Cupcake, Vanilla Almond Cupcake, Boston Creme Parfait (!!!), and, ummm, three Monster cookies.
I then assured the lovely lady behind the counter that I was definitely going to share all this with my husband and children. Ahem.
Apparently, Amy¬†needs no introduction from me to the Springfield community. It’s just a privilege to have her here ūüôā
Hello! Tell us a little about Amycakes.
Amycakes is a made-from-scratch, family-owned bakery, specializing in wedding cakes, party cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake truffles and cinnamon rolls.
amycakes navy
How did you get into the wedding industry and why do you stay?

When Amycakes first opened, we only did a couple of weddings a year. We gradually did more and more, and now it is a huge part of our business! We love designing the perfect cake with each couple, and it’s always fun when we deliver to see the venue that matches our cake design. But the most rewarding part of all is hearing back from brides or their families that their guests were raving about how the cake¬†tasted.

amycakes white and cream

In what ways have you seen weddings change since you joined the market?

When we opened six years ago, we were making more modern, smooth or geometric wedding designs. We were designing more cakes covered in fondant or with fondant details. Now we see a lot more vintage styles‚ÄĒtextured buttercream, fresh or burlap flowers, or semi-frosted cakes. We love this style!

amys wedding

What types of services do you offer?

We offer made-from-scratch desserts, including over 40 cake flavors, cupcakes, cookies, cake truffles, and cinnamon rolls. We specialize in wedding cakes and dessert bars. We offer delivery and set-up in Springfield, but for orders outside of our delivery range, we are happy to box the order for pick-up.

amycakes mint

What creative ways have you seen brides save money?

We are always happy to work with a bride with any budget, so if couples are trying to save, we can give them several options. Round cakes of various sizes will cost less than one large tiered cake, and several round cakes on various pedestals or plates look beautiful on a wedding table. Brides are also able to provide their guests with multiple flavor offerings this way. We also offer our ‚ÄúAmycakes Style,‚ÄĚ which is semi-frosted with gourmet toppings, which is less per serving than a traditionally iced and decorated wedding cake.

Schedule a tasting or consultation by calling 417-831-6095, or send an email to  Visit our website for photos or more information at


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ritzy ranch

Wander just north of Springfield and you’ll find the perfect barn location where elegant meets rustic: the Ritzy Ranch. Dan and Teri Presley originally opened the property to house antiques and a bakery. Because Teri has a natural ability to¬†pull together events that will make your jaw drop, these¬†talented¬†creatives turned their focus to making wedding day dreams come true.

When I say talented, I mean EXTREMELY gifted. I mean EXTRAORDINARY. Like, I want to be them when I grow up.

And the venue!! The beautiful outdoor courtyard serves as the backdrop for the ceremony. Guests step inside to an interior that is positively breathtaking- chandeliers suspended above round tables and a dance floor space that is sure to make a memorable celebration.

Maybe the best part? Dan and Teri¬†include extras as part of the price. We’re talking everything from antique decor to disposable dinnerware. Dan doubles as a DJ with mad skillz and Teri has a looooong history creating beautiful and delicious wedding cakes, so couples can receive these services at competitive rates as well. They are absolutely dedicated to making sure their couples receive the very best. A huge welcome to Ritzy Ranch!

How did you get into the wedding industry and why do you stay?

We have been doing wedding cakes for 25 years and we know how expensive and stressful weddings can be for the bride and her family. We decided to open a venue where everything is included so they don’t have to worry about anything and still keep the price competitive with other venues.

ritzy ranch pergola

In what ways have you seen weddings change since you joined the market?

Wow, that’s a loaded question! Every year the brides have new creative ideas and it’s a blast helping them make their ideas a reality!!

ritzy ranch bright colors

Tell us about a wedding fiasco you witnessed.

The best man didn‚Äôt try on his¬†pants before the wedding day and they were about 5‚ÄĚ too short – mad dash to purchase new pants before the wedding! Just remember, there will always be some little something that isn‚Äôt the way you thought it would or should be – don‚Äôt stress – chances are (unless his pants are just way too short) no one noticed but you!!

ritzy ranch ceremony

What was a favorite wedding moment for you?

Every wedding when the bride or her family come up to us at the end of the night and tell us how happy they have been with our Ritzy Ranch and how well we have served them. And we have done wedding cakes sooooo long that we are now doing cakes for the children of the couples we made cakes for over 20 years ago – second generation wedding cakes – what an honor and privilege that is!!

ritzy ranch

What types of services do you offer?

We offer our indoor, climate controlled barn venue with 20 crystal chandeliers (where Ritzy meets Ranch) and a beautiful outdoor courtyard with romantic lighting and wedding pergola. Our in-house bakery can create your one of kind wedding cake and you can dance all night long with our DJ service!

ritzy ranch gold cake

What are some of your favorite things about the services you offer?

I love the fact that we supply everything the bride needs to decorate her wedding from beautiful centerpieces, mirrors, wood slabs & candles, right down to all the linens, plates, cups, napkins and silverware. We try to keep it worry-free for the bride – all she has to do is bring her personal flare and wedding colors!!

Tell us about your favorite wedding to work with, ever.

Hahaha! We started to discuss this and both of us came up with a dozen or so favorites. Every bride has been absolutely beautiful and who doesn‚Äôt love a great party?? But if we had to pick one… probably our very first because the first is always special and this couple was amazing!!

ritzy ranch bride

What creative ways have you seen brides save money?

One of our brides, who had eight bridesmaids, wanted to spread the colors of her bouquet throughout the venue so we added fruit jars with cold water to eight of the tables and when the bridesmaids came inside after the wedding they each placed their bouquet in a jar on one of the tables. Fresh flowers on eight tables instantly at no additional cost- pretty creative way to save money if you ask me!!

Share some advice you have for brides planning their weddings.

It’s your wedding, beautiful bride. Don’t let anyone talk you into something you don’t want on your special day. Be brave and let YOUR style shine!!

Who are some of your favorite vendors to work alongside?

Sugar Snap Images, Kellie Michelle Photography, and Christine Bonnivier Photography.  Mexican Villa, Zio’s and Curly Q’s for catering, Dixie at the Flower Patch and S-Bon Rentals.

Thanks, Dan and Teri from Ritzy Ranch! Please adopt me.

To learn more about Ritzy Ranch, visit their website at Be a friend on Facebook, too!

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Is there anyone in Springfield who doesn’t love Aviary Cafe?

The MASTERS of¬†the art of French countryside finery here in southwest Missouri- flowering birdcages, crepes at all hours of the day (!!), and pastries-to-die-for…can I ask my question again? Is there anyone in Springfield who doesn’t love Aviary?


I got the privilege of sitting down with Heather McGuigan, a catering manager extraordinaire, at the Aviary Event Center recently. I had NO IDEA they offer so many services to local wedding couples. As we chatted about french fancy-pants desserts, the Bite-Size Sweets featured in this season’s 417Bride, and a special bun recipe they created to help personalize one couple’s catering menu, I was charmed.

So we know everyone LOVES the cafe- tell us about Aviary’s jump into the wedding industry.¬†

Over the years we’ve had many couples come to our restaurants to celebrate special occasions as well as hosting many bridal showers.  When we were asked to cater a wedding, it was only natural to branch out and continue to offer fresh, quality food that the bride and groom could experience on this very special day.  It’s wonderful to see a romance begin at Aviary and flourish. We continue in the wedding industry because we see the amazing response and gratitude that we get from our brides, grooms, and their families.

aviary dining room

 In what ways have you seen weddings chance since you joined the market?  

Weddings have become less formal and much more about the personality of the bride and groom.  It’s been fun to see so many unique ideas come to life.  Whether the couple chooses to have a brunch instead of dinner or a crepe station rather than wedding cake, the wedding should be an expression of the couples love for each other and their common interests.

aviary wedding cake

 What types of services do you offer? 

We have had so many requests for bridal parties, receptions, and rehearsal dinners that we recently opened the Aviary Event Center.   With the same unique style of the other restaurants,  it’s perfect for small, intimate groups of 100 or less and offers more space and privacy.   If one of our unique venues does not fit the wedding needs, we are happy to cater the same great  food to many of the wonderful local venues.  Enjoy a crepe station with personal chef, delicious miniature pastries, or our French made wedding cakes, we have a wide array of sweets that will also delight your palate.

aviary spread

What are some of your favorite things about the services you offer?

We treat every event, from start to finish, as if we’re serving guests in our own home. Our staff provides the kind of warm hospitality that will help make each event a true success, and we are proud to share our great food from scratch.   Our unique style is infused in everything we do, from the posh little French pastries to the crepe station with a personal chef, we want every aspect to be as unique as the bride and groom.  Instead of a cake serving the bride and group can even spin the very first crepe together.  They love it!

aviary event center

 Share some advice you have for the bride and groom planning their wedding.

The wedding day will come and go in the blink of an eye.  Make sure to hire vendors that will treat your wedding day like their own and keep the anxiety at a minimum.  Hire someone to set up, clean up, and prepare the food. The added stress and time that it takes away from you and your family could lead to missing a wonderful memory.


To connect with Aviary, visit or Facebook. And, um, go get yourself a pastry. You deserve it.

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back porch bakery

Flour + sugar + butter = best invention ever.

The bride thinks about the dress, the invites, the flowers, the favors, the everlasting list of details. The groom thinks about? The CAKE.

We’re heading a bit farther north tonight to Back Porch Bakery, a homegrown sweets extravaganza¬†in Bolivar, Missouri. Short and sweet…just like a cupcake ūüėČ

Hello! Tell us about yourself.

My name is Misty Riedesel. I started baking as a hobby and then decided to go all in and went full time in 2013. My husband and I live in the little town of Polk, Missouri. I have 2 step daughters, ages 16 and 17. I love learning new baking and decorating trends.

Photo by Misty Riedesel
Photo by Misty Riedesel

Why do you love working in the wedding industry?

I love watching the styles change from decor to designs.


Tell us a little about what Back Porch Bakery offers.

I offer all sweets, but specialize in cakes and cupcakes.

Photo by Misty Riedesel
Photo by Misty Riedesel


Share some advice you have for brides planning their weddings.

My best advice for brides is to relax and enjoy the day. It goes by fast.

Photo by Misty Riedesel
Photo by Misty Riedesel

Who are some of your favorite vendors to work alongside?

I really enjoy working with the local barn venues.

Thanks, Misty! So glad to have you here ūüôā

To see more photos of delicious confectionary goodness, visit Back Porch Bakery’s Facebook page.

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touch catering

Photo by Christine Bonnivier Photography

The first night my husband and I ate at Touch was the night I declared it my favorite restaurant in all of Springfield. Seriously, this food is AMAZING. I had the Caesar salad and fainted (figuratively.)¬†Our server brought out some warm muffins from the kitchen and I considered moving in (literally.)¬†I ate the jalepeno cheddar polenta and¬†I DIED. Died, ya’ll. (Okay, also figuratively.)

This place is made for date night, but I was so excited to learn that they can–and do!–cater weddings. Flexible pricing and plenty of menu options make it easy for clients to find something that fits their wedding vision, from butlered hors d’oeuvres to food bars to dinner buffets.

Note to my clients: Someone,¬†pretty¬†please, serve the Flame Baby Burger with caramelized onions and truffle aioli. If you can’t handle that much fun at a wedding, I’d happily settle for the Scottish Salmon with tarragon caper chardonnay butter (!!!)

But seriously, how cute would that photo be? A big white dress and a burger? So fun.

Without further ado, a huge welcome to Jacy from Touch and their sister restaurant, Flame.

Hello! Tell us about yourself.

Touch and Flame is a full service caterer.  In addition to providing our reputable food, we do anything and everything to assure a memorable evening for the bride and groom as well as their guests.

Cabernet table at Touch Restaurant
Cabernet table at Touch Restaurant


How did you get into the wedding industry?

We cater all types of events, and really started focusing on weddings about 5 years ago.  Booking only a few weddings in the first couple of years, we focused on the happiness of the bride, groom, and guests.  Fortunately, positive word of mouth about our business has led us to booking numerous weddings throughout any given year.  Putting on a successful wedding reception or rehearsal is extremely rewarding for Touch and Flame.  We pride ourselves on originality for each wedding, exceptional food, and above and beyond service. 

Cheese platter with vegetables
Cheese platter with vegetables

 In what ways have you seen weddings change since you joined the market?

I have noticed weddings are going more casual.  Bride and grooms are wanting more of a fun atmosphere with opportunities to mingle with everyone.  Popular ideas are going with food stations rather than your traditional buffet or plated dinner.  This way everyone is moving around and enjoying the company of all other guests rather than just the table they are seated.

Butlered salt and vinegar fries in wax paper cups
Butlered Salt & Vinegar Fries

What are some of your favorite things about the services you offer?

Our staff arrives early to set up everything, provides food and beverage service during the event, cuts and plates the cake, and stays until the venue is cleaner than it was upon arrival. ¬†It is our pleasure to be able to take care of our vendors, so in addition to cleaning, we provide food for them too. ¬†We also charge no rental fees. ¬†Our motto is “Anything we own, you are free to borrow.” ¬†This includes silverware, glassware, china dinnerware, and linens at no extra fee. ¬†We have found this is a huge benefit to many bride and grooms trying to cut back on the budget.

Touch Bacon-wrapped Dates
Bacon-wrapped Dates

Share some advice  for brides planning their weddings.

The most important advice we have for brides is to not stress too much during the planning process. Marriage calls for an exciting planning experience leading up to the perfect big day! Touch & Flame Catering is here to eliminate any pre-wedding stress, and guarantee that when it comes to the food, the bride can check it off her list. With our above and beyond service, all the bride needs to think about is how to contain her excitement after tasting our signature food.  

Touch Caramel Apple Pie
Caramel Apple Pie

Visit Touch at 1620 East Republic Road, Springfield, Missouri, Monday-Wednesday 4pm-11pm and Thursday-Saturday 4pm-1am.

Visit Flame Steakhouse at 314 West Walnut Street, Springfield, Missouri, open at 5pm Monday-Saturday.

For more info on event catering, check out or connect on Facebook.

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bryan loves kayla

Hello! Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Kayla Jones. ¬†I’m a stay at home mom to a very busy little boy. Bryan and I had our last first date on January 12th, 2013 after we met three years ago on an Internet dating site. ¬†We¬†were married on November 21st, 2015. I love everything about being married to my other half.

Photo by Lauren Cook Photography
Photo by Lauren Cook Photography

How long did you plan the wedding?

We spent [a little over] six months planning our wedding.

Bridal bouquet
Photo by Lauren Cook Photography

How did you save money on the big day?

I bought things I knew I could resell easily. My dad also cut all the cedar used as decorations, including the arbor at the church and all of the wood used at the reception.

Wedding rings on a Bible
Photo by Lauren Cook Photography

Share a moment from your wedding day that you’ll never forget.

The day of the wedding was freezing cold and windy. Our pictures were taken on a bridge, so of course it felt like it was below zero. We’d been having pretty decent weather, up until our wedding day.

Kayla and Bryan Jones
Photo by Lauren Cook Photography

What was your favorite thing about the wedding?

We worked great together- I made the choices and he gave me a yay or nay. There isn’t anything I would do differently…it was a perfect day.



Featured Vendors

Photography: Lauren Cook Photography

Caterer: Boone’s BBQ¬†

Cake: Deb Cook of Collins, Missouri

Florist: Beyond Blossoms

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Hair: ENVY Salon

Boots: Boot Barn

Rings: Maxon’s Diamond Merchant


Was your wedding AWESOME? You can find more information about how to be a featured wedding on our post: Calling Local Brides! or by emailing

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faves on friday

Inspiration from the week: wedding planners and local vendors sharing bridal bliss around the web. Enjoy!

Color and whimsy about on this Modern Valentine’s Wedding Day Wedding from 100 Layer Cake.

L-O-V-I-N-G naked cakes right now. 29 Naked Cakes for Your Wedding on Martha Stewart Weddings.

Wedding invitation logistics, demystified on Wedding Invitation Do’s and Don’ts at 417 Bride.

Shopping around? 5 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Wedding Vendors at Every Last Detail.

A simple and STUNNING Intimate New Hampshire Backyard Wedding at Artfully Wed.

Happy Friday!

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