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Not gonna lie, I’m SO excited to host Shana Lynne Photography for today’s stop on the vendor tour. I have to step outside of the professional realm for a moment and talk to you from a personal level. Why?

Shana is the big sis of my childhood BFF. I watched this force of nature as a wide-eyed child and marveled at her beauty and talent in EVERY endeavor she’s put her hand to. She is creative, she is smart, she works hard, and she does not stop until she’s given something her best.

Now let me put my pro shoes back on. How can I say this girl is going to be one of the best wedding photographers Springfield has ever seen? Because she is creative. She is smart. She works hard. And she will not stop until she’s given you her very best work. 🙂

Big, giant, warm welcome to Shana Ortega of Shana Lynne Photography.

Hello! Tell us about yourself.

I started my business, Shana Lynne Photography, in October of 2014. I have to admit, I didn’t come at it with some major business plan. I loved photography and had been a hobbyist for years. I threw out the notion to my Facebook friends and before I knew it, friends were inquiring about prices and booking sessions. Now, here I am, sixteen months later and I just have to say I feel like I finally found my niche and I love it! I offer photography for newborns, children, families, Seniors, weddings, couples—basically a wide range. I am continuing to learn and grow in my experience and I am so excited for what the future holds!

shana bridal
Photo by Shana Lynne Photography

What was a favorite wedding moment for you?

One of my favorite wedding moments to witness would definitely be the moment I watched my brother see his bride for the first time as she walked down the aisle. They have a great love story, with her really being his first girlfriend and then his wife. To see the look on his face as he bowed his head and cried, I could only tear up behind my lens. It was a wonderful moment to be part of!

shana ring bearer
Photo by Shana Lynne Photography

Who are some of your favorite vendors to work alongside?

As far as favorite vendors to work with, I think my favorite DJ so far has been Cash Williams. He was so professional. He continually communicated with me throughout the event, making sure that we were on the same page so all of the important events were captured and no one was taken by surprise. I really appreciated his friendly and thoughtful attitude towards me. After all, it’s not a competition; we’re all there to make that day the best for the bride and groom! For cakes, I’ve always loved Celebrations by Sonja, her cakes are both beautiful and taste delicious. I’m confident that the Springfield area has a great group of wedding vendors to work with and look forward to building those relationships as my business continues.

shana bride

Tell us about a wedding fiasco you witnessed.

I learned right away that wedding days rarely ever go as planned (so brides, give yourself some leeway!) Wedding days can be stressful, for the photographer too! One “fiasco” in particular was during my first wedding. I was at the reception venue waiting on the bride and groom to arrive. The sun was setting and I was pacing wondering where they were because it was only about a three-minute drive from the church. When I had left them they were in the car getting ready to pull out. Twenty minutes later they were nowhere to be seen and the natural light for pictures was quickly fading. Finally, they pulled in, very stressed out themselves. Apparently their car died in the middle of the road and the cops came. Needless to say the poor bride wasn’t happy. We made the best of it–we took the fifteen minutes of light we had left and just focused on bride and groom pictures because those are definitely the priority!

shana bouquet

Share some advice you have for brides planning their weddings.

My advice is to remember what’s important for your wedding, and put your money there. In today’s world we sometimes get carried away with thinking that the bigger, newer, more expensive things we invest for our weddings must equal better, longer, happier marriages. In the end, it’s your marriage that matters. However your budget is limited, set priorities accordingly. For me, it was pictures, flowers, and food. I also had an amazing and organized best friend who was my planner, which relieved so much stress. If you don’t already have someone helping you, I highly recommend a wedding planner so you can enjoy one of the most important days of your life! And lastly, take in every moment of your big day. I remember walking around my reception and just taking “mental pictures” of everything. The people laughing at the tables, the couples on the dance floor, the beautiful cake, the wonderful food. I wanted to remember every moment! I refused to be one of those brides that said, “It was a blur, I don’t really remember much of anything.” Now, ten years later, I still have all of those mental photographs, as well as some pretty amazing professional ones too. 😉


To see more of Shana’s work, visit her website at or connect with her on Facebook.

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