touch catering

Photo by Christine Bonnivier Photography

The first night my husband and I ate at Touch was the night I declared it my favorite restaurant in all of Springfield. Seriously, this food is AMAZING. I had the Caesar salad and fainted (figuratively.) Our server brought out some warm muffins from the kitchen and I considered moving in (literally.) I ate the jalepeno cheddar polenta and I DIED. Died, ya’ll. (Okay, also figuratively.)

This place is made for date night, but I was so excited to learn that they can–and do!–cater weddings. Flexible pricing and plenty of menu options make it easy for clients to find something that fits their wedding vision, from butlered hors d’oeuvres to food bars to dinner buffets.

Note to my clients: Someone, pretty please, serve the Flame Baby Burger with caramelized onions and truffle aioli. If you can’t handle that much fun at a wedding, I’d happily settle for the Scottish Salmon with tarragon caper chardonnay butter (!!!)

But seriously, how cute would that photo be? A big white dress and a burger? So fun.

Without further ado, a huge welcome to Jacy from Touch and their sister restaurant, Flame.

Hello! Tell us about yourself.

Touch and Flame is a full service caterer.  In addition to providing our reputable food, we do anything and everything to assure a memorable evening for the bride and groom as well as their guests.

Cabernet table at Touch Restaurant
Cabernet table at Touch Restaurant


How did you get into the wedding industry?

We cater all types of events, and really started focusing on weddings about 5 years ago.  Booking only a few weddings in the first couple of years, we focused on the happiness of the bride, groom, and guests.  Fortunately, positive word of mouth about our business has led us to booking numerous weddings throughout any given year.  Putting on a successful wedding reception or rehearsal is extremely rewarding for Touch and Flame.  We pride ourselves on originality for each wedding, exceptional food, and above and beyond service. 

Cheese platter with vegetables
Cheese platter with vegetables

 In what ways have you seen weddings change since you joined the market?

I have noticed weddings are going more casual.  Bride and grooms are wanting more of a fun atmosphere with opportunities to mingle with everyone.  Popular ideas are going with food stations rather than your traditional buffet or plated dinner.  This way everyone is moving around and enjoying the company of all other guests rather than just the table they are seated.

Butlered salt and vinegar fries in wax paper cups
Butlered Salt & Vinegar Fries

What are some of your favorite things about the services you offer?

Our staff arrives early to set up everything, provides food and beverage service during the event, cuts and plates the cake, and stays until the venue is cleaner than it was upon arrival.  It is our pleasure to be able to take care of our vendors, so in addition to cleaning, we provide food for them too.  We also charge no rental fees.  Our motto is “Anything we own, you are free to borrow.”  This includes silverware, glassware, china dinnerware, and linens at no extra fee.  We have found this is a huge benefit to many bride and grooms trying to cut back on the budget.

Touch Bacon-wrapped Dates
Bacon-wrapped Dates

Share some advice  for brides planning their weddings.

The most important advice we have for brides is to not stress too much during the planning process. Marriage calls for an exciting planning experience leading up to the perfect big day! Touch & Flame Catering is here to eliminate any pre-wedding stress, and guarantee that when it comes to the food, the bride can check it off her list. With our above and beyond service, all the bride needs to think about is how to contain her excitement after tasting our signature food.  

Touch Caramel Apple Pie
Caramel Apple Pie

Visit Touch at 1620 East Republic Road, Springfield, Missouri, Monday-Wednesday 4pm-11pm and Thursday-Saturday 4pm-1am.

Visit Flame Steakhouse at 314 West Walnut Street, Springfield, Missouri, open at 5pm Monday-Saturday.

For more info on event catering, check out or connect on Facebook.

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he loves me flowers

Is there anything better than a bouquet of fresh flowers? Luscious colors, sweet fragrance, silky smooth petals.


This is how I feel about flowers when they are picked willy-nilly from the side of the road. This is how I feel about flowers when I’ve snatched them up at the last minute by the door at the grocery store.

How do I feel about them when they fall into the hands of an artist and are transformed into beauty-out-of-this-world? There are no words. Charity Bennitt of He Loves Me Flowers is just such an artist. Color, texture, vibe…Charity gets it. Plus, can’t you just tell she’s sweet as honey?

Dear clients: please book He Loves Me Flowers right now. Because I want Charity to be my best friend and bring me flowers when she comes to my house for dinner once a week.  Thank you.

Hello! Tell us about yourself.

I love arranging and designing flowers.

This love connection began the summer of 2007 when I was asked to work in a local flower shop in my hometown. It was through that experience, submersion, and hands on education where I learned floral technique and design. It was there that a dream was placed in my heart to one day start a family-owned floral design company specializing in weddings and events. Being raised in Minnesota by self-taught entrepreneurs as parents, I knew starting a business was achievable, especially if it was something that you loved and fueled your heart.

Photo by Jordan Brittley
Photo by Jordan Brittley

Through a series of events I moved to Springfield, Missouri in 2009 to attend college. Little did I know that I’d meet my charming husband in 2010, be married in 2011, and in 2012 launch my dream business. When I’m not nurturing He Loves Me Flowers, you’ll find me laughing, spending time with my family, cuddling with my pup, playing games and fellowshipping with friends, enjoying the fresh outdoors, reading a challenging book, or baking something delicious in the kitchen. I’ve learned life is most enjoyed when you see things through a positive lens and choose to be joyful through the good and the challenging moments of life.

How did you get into the wedding industry?

I actually started floral design in a local flower shop back in my hometown in Minnesota. While working at the shop, we did a plethora of weddings and I absolutely LOVED being a part of them! Through a series of events I moved to Springfield, attended college, married my husband and in 2012 we launched our floral design company specifically for weddings. I love this business because it allows me to not only be creative, but to use my gift of design to bless so many of my sweet clients. It’s really rewarding creating a floral work of art but it’s even more rewarding when those pieces bring incredible joy and happiness to the bride & groom, families and guests on one of the most significant days in a couples’ life! I feel incredibly blessed to do what I do! To say I love it might be an understatement. 😉

Photo by Sugar Snap Images.
Photo by Sugar Snap Images.

In what ways have you seen weddings change since you started He Loves Me Flowers?

I think in this present time, couples are being more creative with their weddings and the overall feel for their celebration. I think partly that is due to Pinterest and the flood of inspiration and ideas, but I feel that brides are making their weddings more about them and their specific lives rather than just a “pretty event” with their favorite colors. I’ve seen so many of my clients do very unique themes, combinations, color palettes, etc. because it is what reflects them as people, their personal style and aesthetic. I find that really fun and refreshing!!

Photo by Jordan Brittley
Photo by Jordan Brittley

What is a favorite wedding moment for you?

My  favorite wedding moment is presenting the bridal bouquet to the bride for the first time! It’s always an incredibly joyous (and many times teary-eyed) moment. It brings me so much joy and fulfillment to see a bride literally glowing when she sees her bouquet that I had the privilege of designing specifically for her wedding day. It’s humbling in an amazing way!

What types of services do you offer?

If it’s anything that has to do with floral design, flowers, greenery, etc. for your wedding, then we do it. 🙂

Photo by Cassidy Brooke
Photo by Cassidy Brooke

Tell us about your favorite wedding to work with, ever.

That’s a hard one! My favorite wedding I think was from May of 2015. The bride valued exceptionally designed florals and spared no expense in her floral decor. She loved flowers and wanted garlands, arrangements, centerpieces, etc. to be seen from every angle at her ceremony and reception. And boy can I tell you that it was AMAZING! The florals in the venues made all the difference in the feel and atmosphere of the event. It was on that day when I had the epiphany, “flowers really do make all the difference”. Looking backing, it was my most stretching event, but definitely my favorite!!!

Photo by Meg White
Photo by Meg White

 Share some advice you have for brides planning their weddings.

My advice for a bride planning her wedding is to make the investment when it comes to your photographer, floral designer, and professional help. They are pros because they are good at what they do. Don’t get so worked up in the numbers. When it comes to a budget – I totally get that – but you have to remember this is your wedding (!) and many times in the creative world, you receive what you invest. Just because someone is cheaper, doesn’t mean that it’s a better decision. I’ve seen it play out. Choose vendors who you trust, love, are inspired by, and mesh well with! Having the right team of professional vendors will put you at ease and allow you to focus on what you are suppose to do and that is — getting married! 🙂

For more info, visit and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page!

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haseltine estate

Two words.


This place. Oh, this place! Haseltine Estate is essentially a petite little castle for the perfect fairytale wedding right here in Springfield. Built in 1897, the property boasts 10 acres of gorgeous green space, mature trees, and rich character throughout the mansion and grounds. When I visited, I would have jumped up and down and squealed (except it was my first time to officially meet the owners, Tyler and Natalie, and I didn’t want them to think I was…you know…weird.)

Actually, I may have squealed. I can’t really remember in the haze of giant windows, glistening chandeliers, and sweeping vistas.

Haseltine Estate can accommodate up to 200 guests for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, with more intimate gatherings taking place inside the mansion. Original staircases, a sparkling pool, stone walls and a whitewashed barn are just a handful of the backgrounds you’ll find for spectacular photo ops.

Oh, and did I mention their bridal loft? Their goal is to have the best bridal suite in Springfield.

Done: A full bathroom, kitchen, amazing furniture pieces, a balcony overlooking the peaceful tree line, and a glam makeup booth that will accommodate all those bridesmaids. The groom doesn’t have it too bad, either. He and the guys can kick it on the leather couch in the basement- Foosball, ping-pong, darts, a flat-screen TV, and a bar will keep them busy until it’s time to say “I do.”

I’m so in love with this place, I asked Tyler and Natalie if they would do the honors of kicking off our little vendor tour around the city. They agreed because they are nice like that.

Hello! Tell us about yourself.

We [Tyler and Natalie Langston] took ownership in December 2015 and are looking forward to a very successful first wedding season.

Haseltine Ceremony
Photo by Cassidy Brooke Photography

How did you get into the wedding industry?

My love of local history and architecture fueled my interest in Haseltine Estate, and realizing that I could share Haseltine Estate with couples wanting to start their lives somewhere beautiful.

Haseltine Garden Room
Photo by Cassidy Brooke Photography

What types of amenities do you offer?

We offer gold Chiavari chairs, silver Chiavari chairs, white resin folding ceremony chairs, long tables, round tables and 17 beautiful chandeliers that are hung in the terrace area. We set all of these up, and all are included in the flat rate.

Haseltine Outdoor Reception
Photo by Cassidy Brooke Photography

Share some advice you have for brides planning their weddings.

Always hire a wedding planner, even if it is just for the day of. They will take all of the stress relating to design, décor, vendors, and even takedown from you and your family’s shoulders. It is the best money you can spend during your entire experience.

Note to readers: I promise I did not pay him to say that 😉 It’s just soooo true.

Haseltine Pool
Photo by Cassidy Brooke Photography

What’s coming up for Haseltine Estate? Any promotions, special offers or events?

Currently we are offering a 10 percent discount to 2016 brides that haven’t booked a venue yet. Also, we are giving a $200 discount to all brides that have hired the services of a wedding planner.

Haseltine Grounds
Photo by Cassidy Brooke Photography

Who are some of your favorite vendors to work alongside?

Simply Delicious Catering because of the quality of the food, the cost of that quality food, their speedy response time, and their willingness to help. They are the best.

Haseltine Estate Party
Photo by Cassidy Brooke Photography

There you have it! Haseltine Estate has officially opened their doors to brides looking for the perfect wedding venue in Springfield, Missouri.

Find Haseltine Estate at 1303 South Farm Road 115, Springfield, Missouri, 65802.

If you’d like to check it out, email, find them on Facebook, or visit

Thanks for visiting! Come back tomorrow for more stops on the Bliss Events vendor tour. Don’t forget to like Springfield Bliss on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the best wedding planning information in Springfield, Missouri!

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a love story

Photo by Chance Thompson Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy this precious love story from our clients, Jacob and Crystal, and stay tuned for photos from their wedding in May! Can’t wait!!

Hello! Tell us your story. How did you meet each other?

Well, this is us! Jacob and I met forever ago. We went to preschool together- he was my best friend. In our preschool yearbook, every photo that had him in it, I was right there beside him. Then I moved away in kindergarten. We didn’t stay friends after the move.

How did you reconnect?

Junior year of high school, my school got a cute new boy on the first day 🙂  We realized that we were still so much alike and it wasn’t long before I was calling him my best friend again. Over that summer we took a leap and decided to be more than friends. We dated all of senior year and two years after high school. Then one December we felt God moving in our lives. After many nights crying and going back and forth over what to do, we decided that we needed a break. [We wanted] to discover who we were without the other and to see if our love was more than just our high school fling.

How long did you stay separated?

For six months. Oh, how we thought the world was ending! In reality, it was just helping us mature into who we are so that we would be even more ready for the next step for us. During that time we still hung out almost every day. Our friendship grew even stronger and we got to know each other more. That summer we felt God tell us that it was our time. It was our time to be together again, and this time for good.

How did you get engaged?

One year later I was working in a restaurant on a Friday night during dinner rush and in comes my Jacob. He was dressed in a suit jacket and looked so sharp. He told me that I had clothes up front- I needed to change because we were leaving. I was completely confused. No one leaves in the middle of a shift, especially not on a Friday night. I changed and got into the car where a dozen roses were waiting for me. My stomach was in knots.

Where did he take you?

We arrived in Kansas City at the Melting Pot- where he took me on our first date. We were seated at a secluded table in ‘The Lovers Quarter’. The table was decked out with champagne and red roses, completely gorgeous. We enjoyed a four-course meal of fondue. At the end of the meal, the server brings out our dessert wine and in the bottom of my glass is the most gorgeous diamond ring a girl could hope for (just like in the movies! Eek!) I was beyond breathless. He got down on his knee and asked me to become his wife so that he could spend forever with me. It was everything I could dream and it was the perfect proposal for me. He couldn’t have made it more special.

How is the wedding planning going?

We’ve been counting down the days until we’re married. We are so extremely excited. It’s funny to us now to look back and see how it all started. As children we were already fated to be together. Everyday I discover something new to love and everyday he reminds me just how very special I am to him. I’m beyond blessed.

As for our wedding, we’re getting married on May 21, 2016 in Nevada, Missouri where all our family and friends can celebrate with us. For us, our wedding is not all about us. It’s about all those who helped mold us to become who we are and that love us. It’s our way of thanking them for investing in us and it gives us an excuse to eat cake without feeling guilty.

This is our love story. To us it means everything. Hope you’ve enjoyed it like we do!

Jacob and Crystal were the grand prize winners of our Love Stories contest. They will receive complimentary Day-Of Coordinating from Bliss Events. To submit your story for publication on, please fill out the form on our Contact page. 


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faves on friday

Inspiration from the week: wedding planners and local vendors sharing bridal bliss around the web. Enjoy!

Flower crowns for all and a dog in a bow tie (!!) make for an unforgettable spring wedding: Palmetto Bluff Wedding at Southern Weddings.

Need help choosing your color palette? Go to the experts! Color Pairings Chart for the Color of the Year at Pantone.

V-day this weekend! Woot, woot! 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Engaged at The Knot.

More Valentine’s Day date night ideas: 15 Alternative Date Night Ideas at Rock N Roll Bride.

I want to live inside this wedding. No joke. Pink Woodland Fairytale Wedding at Style Me Pretty.

Happy Friday!

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faves on friday

Inspiration from the week: wedding planners and local vendors sharing bridal bliss around the web. Enjoy!

Color and whimsy about on this Modern Valentine’s Wedding Day Wedding from 100 Layer Cake.

L-O-V-I-N-G naked cakes right now. 29 Naked Cakes for Your Wedding on Martha Stewart Weddings.

Wedding invitation logistics, demystified on Wedding Invitation Do’s and Don’ts at 417 Bride.

Shopping around? 5 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Wedding Vendors at Every Last Detail.

A simple and STUNNING Intimate New Hampshire Backyard Wedding at Artfully Wed.

Happy Friday!

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love stories

‘Tis the season for candy hearts and doilies! Are you recently engaged? At Bliss Events, we want to hear your love story. Email your details to for a chance to win FREE day-of coordinating services from Bliss Events. Don’t forget to include:

  • A clear photo of the happy couple (an engagement shot works great for this, but please include photo credits if taken professionally)
  • Gushy details! Who are you, how you met, and how you got engaged. Etc., etc., etc. 🙂
  • Wedding specifics: The date, the budget, the vision, and any vendors already selected.

Entries will be judged by a panel of sappy women who cry while watching movies. The top five entries will be featured on The winner of coordinating services will be based on calendar availability of Bliss Events for selected wedding date. Deadline to enter is Sunday, January 31st.

Can’t wait to hear your story!

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think of the little ones

There is nothing more adorable than a tiny little person all dressed up at a wedding. Fidgety bodies, uncontrollable impulses, and hilarious one-liners: there is no doubt that many of your big day memories will come from these baby members of your wedding party. The dark side? Tantrums, potty accidents, and general mayhem can come from these same little ones. A savvy bride with many children in her wedding party keeps a few things in mind to help wrangle the chaos:

Consider the timing. The fewer moments that a child is in full dress–think crisp white shirts, poofy satin dresses, intricate updos–the fewer opportunities for juice stains, holes in tights, curls falling flat, and lost shoes (not that I’ve ever seen a toddler take off their shoes and not remember where they put them or anything…) Work with your photographer to schedule the photos that include the children as close to the ceremony time as possible so there is little chance for them to get bored (i.e. destructive. Ahem.)

Work with parents. Ask the parents of your littlest: what do you need from me to make this child’s day go smoothly? Commonly heard complaints include–no time for naps on wedding day, too much waiting around, and too exhausting for parents to actually enjoy the wedding day. You can easily avoid these complaints by making your schedule respectful of the child’s nap time (see above point), having plenty of activities available for them once they arrive (see next point), and asking a young teenager in your family to be the official wedding nanny as a special way to be a part of the big day. She can help the parents by running for items, entertaining fussy ones, and cleaning up messes.

Make it fun. Set up a special kid’s station to anticipate their needs. A few things to include:

  • Low-mess snacks: crackers, cheese sticks, apple slices, raisins, and water. If you choose to offer juice, opt for a light colored juice (white grape or apple), and DON’T serve juice boxes. Instead, pour it into no-spill cups with lids. Just trust me on this.
  • Activities: crayons and coloring books (no markers!), or board games for slightly older ones. Play dough is a surprisingly good option- very little mess on hands or clothes. As long as you have someone available to clean up the area afterward, it can keep kids of all ages entertained for a long time. A trip to the dollar store to arm yourself with a tiny baby doll or small cars will round out your arsenal to keep the kids busy.

Be proactive. Think through some things that might go wrong. Worried your flower girl will spill juice down her dress? Grab a men’s undershirt to slip over her head. If you clip the neck with a clothespin, you can make sure her dress is covered while she’s waiting. Removing the clothespin will allow you to pull the shirt back over her head before the ceremony without messing up her hair. Worried your sister-in-law will forget dress socks for ring-bearer? Pick up an extra pair to keep on hand just in case. You get the idea: be prepared.


Got any great plans for keeping children happy at your wedding?



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save, five ways…on your wedding venue

Location, location, location. Mention the word wedding and suddenly the price spikes. There is no question that where you have the wedding is an important detail of your big day, but you certainly don’t want to go deep into debt to purchase time in a place where you will spend approximately ten hours of your entire life. Venue costs tend to stay relatively fixed, without a whole lot of wiggle room. Here are some tried-and-true tips to score a great space while saving a bit:

Curate the guest list. I know, I know. You are so tired of hearing this. But it can’t be overstated- you must cut down the guest list. Most venues around Springfield implement a price hike when you get to a guest count of 125-150, and some of the less expensive options don’t even hold more than 125 people.

Timing is everything. Weeeelll, maybe not everything. But it does influence the price point, for sure. Don’t feel locked in to Saturdays because that’s what everyone else does- Friday or Sunday are equally lovely days to host a celebration. If you are looking at a year when a national holiday falls midweek, schedule your wedding the night before so your guests can enjoy the next day off and you can enjoy the savings from booking a Wednesday night shindig. While I’m not one to suggest you choose a wedding off-season because of a price break, if you happen to love autumn or the snowfall of winter, book your date in those months. Bonus that it can often come with off-season pricing.

Evaluate perks. Does the venue provide linens, or will you need to rent them? Are there decorations available for use, or is it a blank slate? In the case of outdoor venues, do they have a rain alternative, or will you need to have a back-up tent? All of these are considerations that can either rack up your bill or save you a considerable amount once the day is done.

Double-duty. Choosing a venue that has a ceremony area in addition to the reception hall can  can save travel time and transportation costs. Going one step further to find  accommodations for your ceremony and reception in the same space will save you time, transportation, and floral/decoration costs. These suggestions aren’t for everyone- some brides really value holding their ceremony in a church. Others feel strongly about having separate locations for two vibes, the more sacred and sweet ceremony versus the celebratory feel of the reception. If you are up for it, though, it can shave some change off your final bill.

What about you? Have you found creative ways to trim your venue budget?

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calling local brides!

Hey, girl! Yes, you. With the big white dress on.

We’re looking for five recently married brides from the Ozarks to feature at Springfield Bliss. Lots of gals just got engaged over the holiday season, and they want to be inspired by the best weddings in the Springfield area!

To be one of the first featured weddings, we need a few things from you to get started:

5-7 photographs that showcase the details of your wedding. One should be a shot with you and your spouse and can be an engagement photo if desired.

List of vendors for services featured in the photographs: photographer, caterer, venue, cake, florist, dress shop, alterations, hair and beauty services, etc.

A  short bio that includes work and hobby information, when and how you met, your wedding date, and your favorite things about being married.

Answer your fave five of the following questions:

  • How did he propose?
  • How long did you spend planning the wedding?
  • What were your priorities for the wedding?
  • How did you spend money wisely?
  • Describe a moment during the planning phase that helped you and your spouse learn to work together better?
  • What creative ways did you incorporate parts of your personalities into the big day?
  • What was your favorite thing about the wedding?
  • If you could go back, what one thing would you have done differently? (Or two things J)
  • Share a funny/scary/frustrating/beautiful moment from the wedding day that you hope you never forget.

Fill out the comment form below, email me at, or contact me on Facebook if you’d like to reserve your spot. Can’t wait to see your wedding!


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