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Three 2-layer cakes. 21 specialty cupcakes. And countless daydreams, comments, and musings about cakes since the team at The Bridal Experience met Meghaan Russell with Meghaan’s Specialty Cakes. Chocolate mousse, vanilla buttercream, whatever-heavenly-lemony-goodness fills the center of that lemon cupcake (!!!!!)

It’s all a little toooo good, if you know what I mean. 😉

Photo by Shana Lynne Photography.
Photo by Shana Lynne Photography.

Hi, Meghaan! Tell us a little about yourself.

I got started exploring the cake world around 2004-2005 when my boss, Cindy Hood at the Tea Garden saw a talent in me that I didn’t see at the time. I loved cooking and the presentation of it all and I just fell in love with creating something beautiful, edible, and enjoyable. Now as a stay at home mom of two I decided to offer my work to the public.

Rustic Cake
What are some of your favorite cakes?

My absolute favorite wedding cakes are the ones I have done for my best friends. It gives my such joy and confidence when my friends ask me to help make a part of their most important day special. I love my followers, my loyal, unbelievably kind friends and people I have met along the way. My favorite moment of any wedding I have had the privilege of being part of is the moment I put the finishing touches on the wedding cake… stepping back and looking at my work and knowing my bride loves the wedding cake she choose. It’s the best feeling seeing a smile on everyone face when they see the final product.

White Glitz Wedding Cake

What services do you offer?
I specialize in cakes and cupcakes but offer many other options such as pies, cookies, etc.

Wedding Shower Cupcakes
You can find Meghaan at The Bridal Experience this weekend, or connect with her any time on Facebook!

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