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Is there anything better than a bouquet of fresh flowers? Luscious colors, sweet fragrance, silky smooth petals.


This is how I feel about flowers when they are picked willy-nilly from the side of the road. This is how I feel about flowers when I’ve snatched them up at the last minute by the door at the grocery store.

How do I feel about them when they fall into the hands of an artist and are transformed into beauty-out-of-this-world? There are no words. Charity Bennitt of He Loves Me Flowers is just such an artist. Color, texture, vibe…Charity gets it. Plus, can’t you just tell she’s sweet as honey?

Dear clients: please book He Loves Me Flowers right now. Because I want Charity to be my best friend and bring me flowers when she comes to my house for dinner once a week.  Thank you.

Hello! Tell us about yourself.

I love arranging and designing flowers.

This love connection began the summer of 2007 when I was asked to work in a local flower shop in my hometown. It was through that experience, submersion, and hands on education where I learned floral technique and design. It was there that a dream was placed in my heart to one day start a family-owned floral design company specializing in weddings and events. Being raised in Minnesota by self-taught entrepreneurs as parents, I knew starting a business was achievable, especially if it was something that you loved and fueled your heart.

Photo by Jordan Brittley
Photo by Jordan Brittley

Through a series of events I moved to Springfield, Missouri in 2009 to attend college. Little did I know that I’d meet my charming husband in 2010, be married in 2011, and in 2012 launch my dream business. When I’m not nurturing He Loves Me Flowers, you’ll find me laughing, spending time with my family, cuddling with my pup, playing games and fellowshipping with friends, enjoying the fresh outdoors, reading a challenging book, or baking something delicious in the kitchen. I’ve learned life is most enjoyed when you see things through a positive lens and choose to be joyful through the good and the challenging moments of life.

How did you get into the wedding industry?

I actually started floral design in a local flower shop back in my hometown in Minnesota. While working at the shop, we did a plethora of weddings and I absolutely LOVED being a part of them! Through a series of events I moved to Springfield, attended college, married my husband and in 2012 we launched our floral design company specifically for weddings. I love this business because it allows me to not only be creative, but to use my gift of design to bless so many of my sweet clients. It’s really rewarding creating a floral work of art but it’s even more rewarding when those pieces bring incredible joy and happiness to the bride & groom, families and guests on one of the most significant days in a couples’ life! I feel incredibly blessed to do what I do! To say I love it might be an understatement. 😉

Photo by Sugar Snap Images.
Photo by Sugar Snap Images.

In what ways have you seen weddings change since you started He Loves Me Flowers?

I think in this present time, couples are being more creative with their weddings and the overall feel for their celebration. I think partly that is due to Pinterest and the flood of inspiration and ideas, but I feel that brides are making their weddings more about them and their specific lives rather than just a “pretty event” with their favorite colors. I’ve seen so many of my clients do very unique themes, combinations, color palettes, etc. because it is what reflects them as people, their personal style and aesthetic. I find that really fun and refreshing!!

Photo by Jordan Brittley
Photo by Jordan Brittley

What is a favorite wedding moment for you?

My  favorite wedding moment is presenting the bridal bouquet to the bride for the first time! It’s always an incredibly joyous (and many times teary-eyed) moment. It brings me so much joy and fulfillment to see a bride literally glowing when she sees her bouquet that I had the privilege of designing specifically for her wedding day. It’s humbling in an amazing way!

What types of services do you offer?

If it’s anything that has to do with floral design, flowers, greenery, etc. for your wedding, then we do it. 🙂

Photo by Cassidy Brooke
Photo by Cassidy Brooke

Tell us about your favorite wedding to work with, ever.

That’s a hard one! My favorite wedding I think was from May of 2015. The bride valued exceptionally designed florals and spared no expense in her floral decor. She loved flowers and wanted garlands, arrangements, centerpieces, etc. to be seen from every angle at her ceremony and reception. And boy can I tell you that it was AMAZING! The florals in the venues made all the difference in the feel and atmosphere of the event. It was on that day when I had the epiphany, “flowers really do make all the difference”. Looking backing, it was my most stretching event, but definitely my favorite!!!

Photo by Meg White
Photo by Meg White

 Share some advice you have for brides planning their weddings.

My advice for a bride planning her wedding is to make the investment when it comes to your photographer, floral designer, and professional help. They are pros because they are good at what they do. Don’t get so worked up in the numbers. When it comes to a budget – I totally get that – but you have to remember this is your wedding (!) and many times in the creative world, you receive what you invest. Just because someone is cheaper, doesn’t mean that it’s a better decision. I’ve seen it play out. Choose vendors who you trust, love, are inspired by, and mesh well with! Having the right team of professional vendors will put you at ease and allow you to focus on what you are suppose to do and that is — getting married! 🙂

For more info, visit HeLovesMeFlowers.com and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page!

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