creator delights

We’ll keep this sweet treats train rolling today with Creator Delights, a brilliant display of ingenuity from local screen printing company, Creator Designs.

Creator Delights opened in 2015 to serve the Bolivar community sweet (and caffeinated!!) drinks and a plethora of candy-coated goodness. Their creatively styled shop at 1303 East Broadway is nothing short of Pinterest-worthy…super cute and comfy tees and apparel with exclusive designs are available here also.

So why in the world are they on the Bliss Vendor Tour?? Because they are the masters behind the bright and beautiful CANDY BUFFET for our Fresh Whimsy styled shoot at The Bridal Experience coming up on Saturday, September 17th. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to make it to the show, but Bliss Events is making sure you get a sweet surprise in your VIP Swag Bag.

For more info on how you can set up a candy buffet on your big day, contact Creator Delights on Facebook.

Visit us at The Bridal Experience to get more ideas like this!! to buy tickets!

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