Is there anyone in Springfield who doesn’t love Aviary Cafe?

The MASTERS of the art of French countryside finery here in southwest Missouri- flowering birdcages, crepes at all hours of the day (!!), and pastries-to-die-for…can I ask my question again? Is there anyone in Springfield who doesn’t love Aviary?


I got the privilege of sitting down with Heather McGuigan, a catering manager extraordinaire, at the Aviary Event Center recently. I had NO IDEA they offer so many services to local wedding couples. As we chatted about french fancy-pants desserts, the Bite-Size Sweets featured in this season’s 417Bride, and a special bun recipe they created to help personalize one couple’s catering menu, I was charmed.

So we know everyone LOVES the cafe- tell us about Aviary’s jump into the wedding industry. 

Over the years we’ve had many couples come to our restaurants to celebrate special occasions as well as hosting many bridal showers.  When we were asked to cater a wedding, it was only natural to branch out and continue to offer fresh, quality food that the bride and groom could experience on this very special day.  It’s wonderful to see a romance begin at Aviary and flourish. We continue in the wedding industry because we see the amazing response and gratitude that we get from our brides, grooms, and their families.

aviary dining room

 In what ways have you seen weddings chance since you joined the market?  

Weddings have become less formal and much more about the personality of the bride and groom.  It’s been fun to see so many unique ideas come to life.  Whether the couple chooses to have a brunch instead of dinner or a crepe station rather than wedding cake, the wedding should be an expression of the couples love for each other and their common interests.

aviary wedding cake

 What types of services do you offer? 

We have had so many requests for bridal parties, receptions, and rehearsal dinners that we recently opened the Aviary Event Center.   With the same unique style of the other restaurants,  it’s perfect for small, intimate groups of 100 or less and offers more space and privacy.   If one of our unique venues does not fit the wedding needs, we are happy to cater the same great  food to many of the wonderful local venues.  Enjoy a crepe station with personal chef, delicious miniature pastries, or our French made wedding cakes, we have a wide array of sweets that will also delight your palate.

aviary spread

What are some of your favorite things about the services you offer?

We treat every event, from start to finish, as if we’re serving guests in our own home. Our staff provides the kind of warm hospitality that will help make each event a true success, and we are proud to share our great food from scratch.   Our unique style is infused in everything we do, from the posh little French pastries to the crepe station with a personal chef, we want every aspect to be as unique as the bride and groom.  Instead of a cake serving the bride and group can even spin the very first crepe together.  They love it!

aviary event center

 Share some advice you have for the bride and groom planning their wedding.

The wedding day will come and go in the blink of an eye.  Make sure to hire vendors that will treat your wedding day like their own and keep the anxiety at a minimum.  Hire someone to set up, clean up, and prepare the food. The added stress and time that it takes away from you and your family could lead to missing a wonderful memory.


To connect with Aviary, visit AviaryCafe.com or Facebook. And, um, go get yourself a pastry. You deserve it.

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