Almost every bride I’ve spoken with has mentioned Amycakes in their quest to score the perfect wedding cake. I’ve heard ‘Amycakes’ so many times I thought I better get myself down to their bakery on Walnut to introduce myself and try some goodies.
First thoughts: “What a great location! Historic District on Walnut Street. I’m a little jealous.”
Second thoughts: “Oh, how adorable! Look at this bistro table in this corner, and the scrumptious display in that corner.”
Third thought: “I should definitely order something.”
After which I proceeded to order the Elvis Cupcake, Vanilla Almond Cupcake, Boston Creme Parfait (!!!), and, ummm, three Monster cookies.
I then assured the lovely lady behind the counter that I was definitely going to share all this with my husband and children. Ahem.
Apparently, Amy needs no introduction from me to the Springfield community. It’s just a privilege to have her here 🙂
Hello! Tell us a little about Amycakes.
Amycakes is a made-from-scratch, family-owned bakery, specializing in wedding cakes, party cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake truffles and cinnamon rolls.
amycakes navy
How did you get into the wedding industry and why do you stay?

When Amycakes first opened, we only did a couple of weddings a year. We gradually did more and more, and now it is a huge part of our business! We love designing the perfect cake with each couple, and it’s always fun when we deliver to see the venue that matches our cake design. But the most rewarding part of all is hearing back from brides or their families that their guests were raving about how the cake tasted.

amycakes white and cream

In what ways have you seen weddings change since you joined the market?

When we opened six years ago, we were making more modern, smooth or geometric wedding designs. We were designing more cakes covered in fondant or with fondant details. Now we see a lot more vintage styles—textured buttercream, fresh or burlap flowers, or semi-frosted cakes. We love this style!

amys wedding

What types of services do you offer?

We offer made-from-scratch desserts, including over 40 cake flavors, cupcakes, cookies, cake truffles, and cinnamon rolls. We specialize in wedding cakes and dessert bars. We offer delivery and set-up in Springfield, but for orders outside of our delivery range, we are happy to box the order for pick-up.

amycakes mint

What creative ways have you seen brides save money?

We are always happy to work with a bride with any budget, so if couples are trying to save, we can give them several options. Round cakes of various sizes will cost less than one large tiered cake, and several round cakes on various pedestals or plates look beautiful on a wedding table. Brides are also able to provide their guests with multiple flavor offerings this way. We also offer our “Amycakes Style,” which is semi-frosted with gourmet toppings, which is less per serving than a traditionally iced and decorated wedding cake.

Schedule a tasting or consultation by calling 417-831-6095, or send an email to  Visit our website for photos or more information at


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