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Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy this precious love story from our clients, Jacob and Crystal, and stay tuned for photos from their wedding in May! Can’t wait!!

Hello! Tell us your story. How did you meet each other?

Well, this is us! Jacob and I met forever ago. We went to preschool together- he was my best friend. In our preschool yearbook, every photo that had him in it, I was right there beside him. Then I moved away in kindergarten. We didn’t stay friends after the move.

How did you reconnect?

Junior year of high school, my school got a cute new boy on the first day 🙂  We realized that we were still so much alike and it wasn’t long before I was calling him my best friend again. Over that summer we took a leap and decided to be more than friends. We dated all of senior year and two years after high school. Then one December we felt God moving in our lives. After many nights crying and going back and forth over what to do, we decided that we needed a break. [We wanted] to discover who we were without the other and to see if our love was more than just our high school fling.

How long did you stay separated?

For six months. Oh, how we thought the world was ending! In reality, it was just helping us mature into who we are so that we would be even more ready for the next step for us. During that time we still hung out almost every day. Our friendship grew even stronger and we got to know each other more. That summer we felt God tell us that it was our time. It was our time to be together again, and this time for good.

How did you get engaged?

One year later I was working in a restaurant on a Friday night during dinner rush and in comes my Jacob. He was dressed in a suit jacket and looked so sharp. He told me that I had clothes up front- I needed to change because we were leaving. I was completely confused. No one leaves in the middle of a shift, especially not on a Friday night. I changed and got into the car where a dozen roses were waiting for me. My stomach was in knots.

Where did he take you?

We arrived in Kansas City at the Melting Pot- where he took me on our first date. We were seated at a secluded table in ‘The Lovers Quarter’. The table was decked out with champagne and red roses, completely gorgeous. We enjoyed a four-course meal of fondue. At the end of the meal, the server brings out our dessert wine and in the bottom of my glass is the most gorgeous diamond ring a girl could hope for (just like in the movies! Eek!) I was beyond breathless. He got down on his knee and asked me to become his wife so that he could spend forever with me. It was everything I could dream and it was the perfect proposal for me. He couldn’t have made it more special.

How is the wedding planning going?

We’ve been counting down the days until we’re married. We are so extremely excited. It’s funny to us now to look back and see how it all started. As children we were already fated to be together. Everyday I discover something new to love and everyday he reminds me just how very special I am to him. I’m beyond blessed.

As for our wedding, we’re getting married on May 21, 2016 in Nevada, Missouri where all our family and friends can celebrate with us. For us, our wedding is not all about us. It’s about all those who helped mold us to become who we are and that love us. It’s our way of thanking them for investing in us and it gives us an excuse to eat cake without feeling guilty.

This is our love story. To us it means everything. Hope you’ve enjoyed it like we do!

Jacob and Crystal were the grand prize winners of our Love Stories contest. They will receive complimentary Day-Of Coordinating from Bliss Events. To submit your story for publication on SpringfieldBliss.com, please fill out the form on our Contact page. 


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